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MANi Support Group

Join the MANi Support Group on Facebook. Connect with other survivors.

Facebook Group

The MANi Support Group Network on Facebook is managed by the Men’s Alliance and is dedicated to male victims and survivors of domestic abuse. The group is run as a peer support group with hundreds of guys in the same situation and support professionals all ready and waiting to believe you.

Even if you do not feel like interacting with the page the information and interactions are all there for you to read, and to post when you are ready, or use the anonymous posting facility. The support and understanding of the guys is second to none.

You will be believed.
You will be supported.


MANi also run a fortnightly support meeting on Zoom, in conjunction with another Men’s support organisation, full details and invites are within you local Support Group.

Please visit us now in your local Support Group: (Facebook Account Required)

Northern Ireland please click HERE

Republic of Ireland please click HERE

From our Facebook MANi Support Group members:

Kieran – 
“You don’t have to go through this alone, there are men here who know your pain and suffering as they have walked or are walking your path.”

Joe – 
“I’m finally finding answers that explain in simple words which I couldn’t find myself to describe the drip feed of extreme emotional abuse I lived for 36 years and the manipulation of my children’s minds to alienate my children from me.”

Paul – 
“Given me a realisation I’m not the only one.”

Steven – 
“I was literally at the point of giving up, on everything, but reading the stories and comments here have helped boost my hope that things will work out. Even if its years from now.”

*Names have been changed to protect identities