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Get Help For Family and Friends

The Men’s Alliance (NI) is not only here for the victims and survivors themselves, but also you their Family & Friends.

We know the difficulty of seeing someone going through an horrendous time in a relationship, and the problem in what might be seen as “interfering”. Ultimately they will not leave the relationship until they are ready, but there is a lot you can do for them in the meantime – as well as being there for them when they are ready for your help.

Things to do

Ask if they are ok
Offer help
Suggest professional service
Support him

Things to NOT do

Pressure them
Act without their permission
Expect too much too soon
Confront the abuser

Men’s Alliance also run a support group on Facebook for Family & Friends of Male Victims of Domestic Abuse. Please join us in a private group at MANi Family & Friends Support Group, people who care about helping and supporting their family, friends and colleagues.