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Counselling is what is known as a Talking Therapy, giving you the time and experience of a trained professional to discuss issues you may be having in your life, in a safe and confidential manner.

Men’s Alliance (NI) provide counselling services free of charge to men in need, that are in or have escaped abusive relationships and the range of issues this may create from the abuse to parental alienation – and everything in between. As an organisation we understand, as a management team we have been where you are, and are now survivors as you will be with a little help.

There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help when you need support, you will never tell a counsellor anything that will shock them, or they have not heard before. Attending a Counsellor can be the first step in your journey to a happier and more content life.

Brief statement to all men who we are to do any level of work/assessment with:

We need to make you aware that, depending on your needs, we may have to exchange some of your personal information with other services and agencies. E.g housing, counselling etc

Everything we talk about is confidential, unless you say something that suggests previous or potential harm to a child or vulnerable adult or make us aware of any criminal activity. We then have a duty to pass this information on to the relevant authorities. We could also be asked for this information from said authorities and it is the policy of Men’s Alliance to cooperate whenever there are safeguarding concerns.

We will keep your information on a computer database which is only accessible by the staff of Men’s Alliance and only by those who require knowledge of your case.