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Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is defined as a process by which a child is manipulated by a parent to a degree that they dislike the other parent and no longer wish to spend time with them.

It is not simply lack of contact with a child although restricting or stopping contact altogether is part of the process. However, there are many aspects to it that cannot be ignored if it is to be dealt with properly and safely.

It can be one of the most distressing experiences for a Father to go through after leaving an abuse relationship. It can often be the continuation of abuse through the children.

Parental alienation is a complicated issue and one that needs professional support for both parents and the child.

Men’s Alliance NI is committed to addressing this issue through education, support and raising the injustices we find through legal and Government processes.

We want to hear your story. Together we can change the system to recognise parental alienation and to deal with it quickly and effectively.

A child has a legal right to see both parents. We need to address the reasons why, in many cases, this is not being recognised by the courts and social services.