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Handbook For Victims of Domestic Abuse

“I didn’t know where to turn” the Men’s Alliance Handbook will help.

The Men’s Alliance Handbook for Victims of Domestic Abuse has been put together to advise men about abuse, help them recognise the “Symptoms” and guide them towards support.

We would like to thank the PCSP Lisburn for funding design and the PSNI, Housing Executive and Social Services for their input, and the various specialist support services for giving permission for their details to be included.



Please click to download a copy


The Mens Alliance Handbook for Victims of Domestic Abuse is our response to the difficulties men find themselves in after leaving an abusive relationship. Maybe they have been evicted by the police, maybe they have come home to find the locks changed, maybe they have had to escape urgently and are in crisis, most probably they haven’t a notion who to contact, our handbook will help.

“What do I do now?”